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  • Duration: 3 Day(s) , 2 night(s)
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Package description

Umrah comforts the heart

Choose the nearest five-star Makkah hotel to Haram, with the best distinguished and wonderful airlines, to spend the Ramadan Umrah to relax your heart and body for three days through us, as we give you the best price offers and the best follow-up and support services during your trip. 


During your Umrah with us, you will enjoy a more than distinguished level of services on the brilliant Saudi Airline. Ask for all the services you need during the flight. Choose the distinguished Saudi Airline and enjoy all the facilities you want on the flight.

Hotel Options

We guarantee you a distinguished stay in the nearest five-star hotels to the Haram, and we coordinate the best set of services for you, and we make sure that you get hotel services easily through a support team inside each hotel, and you can choose between: 

Anjum Makkah Hotel

One of the closest hotels to the Noble Sanctuary of the distinguished category with its wonderful and high-end services, and you will look out from your balcony to enjoy the details Masjid Al Haram and a scene beloved to yourself as a Muslim. 

Swissotel Makkah Hotel

Book in one of the best and closest hotels in Makkah to Masjid Al Haram and enjoy an Umrah that will revive yourself and your heart. The hotel always shines at a unique level in its facilities, as it follows a distinguished international hotel chain. Umrah pilgrims have a unique experience with the hotel. You can choose between food and beverage services and other various services with the help of professional and wonderful service staff.

Your first choice

Now, do not delay and book your comprehensive Umrah through us and enjoy an outstanding level of price, service, and comprehensive assistance during your Umrah.